Acquisition Services


Email Acquisition

Grassroots Analytics emails are linked to donors who have donated at least one time and can be bought via highly targeted lists using hundreds of variables, including geography, giving history, activity score, and more.

We partner with campaigns, digital firms, and organizations who are looking to add highly targeted donors to their programs to maximize ROI.

Peer-to-Peer Texting List Rental

Grassroots Analytics identifies the best highly-targeted donor prospects for every list rental, writes high-quality copy, and executes your peer-to-peer fundraising campaign. Our Peer-To-Peer List Rental is a great way to grow broadcast texting and email programs.

Pricing for Peer-to-Peer List Rentals starts with a minimum $1,000 upfront investment from the campaign to determine scalability and the effectiveness of the copy and targeting. On average, the cost per contact texted is $0.15-$0.18; cost per contact depends on the length and type of text and the volume of replies.


GAC verifies the mobile numbers of a campaign’s existing supporters and mobilizes a P2P fundraising campaign. MobileRaise is an ideal way to reach donors who have unsubscribed from email programs and grow broadcast texting programs.

Direct Fundraising Mail

GA is making direct mail fundraising accessible to campaigns of all sizes. Utilizing revolutionary mail donor data, GA executes the mailing from beginning to end – design and creation, printing, and sending to highly targeted donors. Donations are then processed by the campaign, with checks coming into the campaign one to four months after send. By focusing on donors who have already donated by mail at least once in the last year, campaigns can expect a positive ROI within two to six months.

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