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Sarah Elizabeth Pole
By Sarah Elizabeth Pole on April 26, 2022

Press Release

Democratic tech firm Grassroots Analytics brings modern recruiting practices to campaign space

, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Grassroots Analytics today announced a pilot program to promote equality and equity in the campaign staffing space. In line with their mission of providing innovative data solutions to amplify forward-thinking voices, Grassroots Analytics' new program – Campaign Talent Society – aims to improve staffing processes for Democratic campaigns across the country.

Campaign Talent Society is led by Amatullah Contractor, former deputy director of Emgage Texas, whose mission is to "provide Muslim American communities with the frameworks and resources necessary to be politically engaged in America."

"I understand first hand what it takes to build equity within a community," Contractor said. "Utilizing that same mindset, I was able to take Grassroots Analytics' data and transfer the same process to build the Campaign Talent Society database. It has been instrumental in helping match campaign staff, particularly those of diverse backgrounds, with campaigns nationwide."

Designed to address staffing needs in progressive spaces, Campaign Talent Society increases efficiency in campaign hiring processes to save time and reduce staff turnover. Campaign Talent Society comprises a network of current and future campaign staffers, seeking to provide staff and campaigns with a textbook match based on geographic location, demographics, top issues, and more.

"It's time for a new era of political campaigns, where we invite new voices to the table and revolutionize how political campaigns are operated," said Daniel Hogenkamp, CEO, Grassroots Analytics. "Campaign Talent Society creates a marketplace for campaign staffers and helps them find their exemplary match – building connections that wouldn't have been made otherwise."

To join the network, or learn more about the variables that are used in matching, please visit

About Grassroots Analytics
Grassroots Analytics, founded in 2017, began as a political data company. Now the industry leader in qualified contact information, political preference analysis, biographical details, and net worth data, the company operates a high-end consumer database of left-leaning Americans. Since 2019, Grassroots Analytics has held a majority political data market share, and now jointly owns and operates several innovative consumer data companies.

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Published by Sarah Elizabeth Pole April 26, 2022
Sarah Elizabeth Pole