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Morgan Kull
By Morgan Kull on April 14, 2023

Staffer Spotlight: Joey Mamlin

This blog post features an interview with Joey Mamlin, Chief Product Officer at Grassroots Analytics and drummer for The Crystal Casino Band. He discusses the origins of the band, the importance of work-life balance, and how his experience in fundraising has influenced the band's efforts to support progressive causes.


Joey Mamlin is Grassroots Analytics’ Chief Product Officer. Joey started with GA in its early days when the company’s four employees would sit around the so-called “MegaDesk” and brainstorm how to build what’s now an industry-leading progressive database. 

Outside of GA, Joey is known to indie rock music fans everywhere as the drummer of The Crystal Casino Band (TCCB) which recently released its 6th studio album and is starting to tour cities across the US. 

For our DC folks who love farmer's markets, Joey is also a great baker and will be selling sandwiches monthly at local DMV spots- you’ll have to reach out to him to learn more.


Joey and the band’s lead singer, Peter, met at George Washington University during freshman orientation where they bonded over their shared passion for music and love for the Black Keys. 

The two founding members spent the remainder of the summer sending songs back and forth and basically formed their own band by the time they arrived on campus for classes. 

Throughout their college experience, the band performed at various venues such as dive bars, frat parties, and outdoor spaces under the name "The Colonies", a nod to the band's DMV history. Although the band saw several members come and go, they managed to release their debut album in 2016 and have since been on a sharp rise to stardom.


How does having a fulfilling hobby outside of work impact your day-to-day in the office?  

In his own words, “I think it's important for everyone to have something they're passionate about outside of work because it provides a way to unwind and take your mind off things. Whether work is going well or not, having a hobby you enjoy can bring a sense of fulfillment and joy.” 

How, if at all, has GA impacted being in TCCB? 

At GA, Joey says there is, “no inhibition to being yourself.” Grassroots is not a place where you have to present a certain way and he never felt ashamed to be a “rock star” outside of work (my words, not his). The culture of openness and authenticity has been invaluable in helping Joey balance his work and his passion for music. "Your passions are accepted and your hobbies are encouraged," he noted, "and that's not always a commonality in all workplaces."

GA bought tickets for staff to attend Joey’s concert at the 9:30 club in February. I asked Joey what was it like to have his co-workers at his concert. 

Joey reminisced and said, “I appreciate everyone coming out and supporting. Before the whole company came to our most recent DC performance, GA staff had always been attending. It’s great to know you have supportive people in the crowds.”

We had a great time too, Joey! 

Fundraising in the job to the band

Joey was a Fundraising Strategist at Grassroots before his journey to becoming CPO. Given his experience in fundraising, I asked him how he has used what he learned at GA to support progressive causes through his work with the band.

Joey noted that artists make albums based on their lives. The band was in DC during Jan 6th and every other major political event between 2020-2022. As a band, TCCB believes in staying true to who they are by surrounding themselves with people who share their passion for progressive causes and writing music addressing these issues as well. 

TCCB fundraised for Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, and created a relief fund for Ukraine. Joey learned from his time at GA that fundraising is a powerful way to make a difference. If he, “wasn’t so keenly aware of fundraising and the impact fundraising has, it probably wouldn't have dawned on me to put our funds toward a cause.”


“You can’t put all your mental energy in one basket. Having something you can succeed in outside of work is incredibly important. You have to have something to put your energy into that disconnects you from your job so you can grow both in your work and outside- whether it's cooking, art projects or even being in a band.” 

Well said, Joey, and thanks for the interview! 

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Published by Morgan Kull April 14, 2023
Morgan Kull