Grassroots Analytics


Serving candidates at the federal, statewide, and local levels

How it works 

We created an algorithm which uses hundreds of thousands of lines of code to scan the internet and create a comprehensive database of 15+ million American donors. Our machine-learning model analyzes the database and identifies the percent chance each donor gives to a candidate. 

The lists we provide to candidates and incumbents have verified contact information for each donor prospect and are NGP-ready — our data imports into each NGP system as comprehensive donor profiles. We can search the Democratic donor base by any demographic, political leaning, giving history, or geography.

Our lists vastly improve call-time efficiency, streamline event building, expand candidate email lists, and allow politicians to spend less time fundraising and more time working with constituents. 


Unlimited Donor Research

Complete personalized donor lists, ordered by highest expected contribution, with contact information

Digital Audience Building

Intentional Facebook audiences comprised of Democratic donors, sorted by geography, political issues, and demographics

Fundraiser + Project Lists

Personalized donor lists sorted by city, issue, or surrogate

Hyper-Targeted Email Lists

Up to 5k high propensity, low-dollar Democratic donor email matches per week


Where we’ve worked

In the 2018 cycle, we worked with more than 150 candidates, including upset winners like Kendra Horn and Joe Cunningham and breakout candidates like MJ Hegar and Kara Eastman.


National Level

2020 Presidential Primary

statewide level

Secretary of State
State Auditor
Attorney General
Supreme Court
State Parties

congressional level

House of Representatives

Local Level

Ballot Initiatives
City Council
State Senate
State Representative
County Parties

For more on who we worked with and their thoughts on the service, please visit our Testimonials page.