Grassroots Premier


Fundraising. Data. Digital.

Grassroots Analytics Campaigns was built with the intention of breaking down barriers to entry for all candidates, no matter their background, net worth, or political history. Since then, GAC has acquired a massive amount of data on America's top donors nationwide. Grassroots Premier is built to help top tier campaigns improve call time with unlimited high-dollar phone numbers; improve email acquisition at an affordable rate; and find re-solicits within an existing donor base.

Statistics and Results

  • Database of more than 20 million left-leaning donors
  • More than 50% of the highest-raising House challengers were GAC clients in 2018 + 2020
  • 300% ROI on emails acquired from GAC on red-to-blue House races
  • Trusted by 2,000+ campaigns from all 50 states
  • $228.1 million raised by ~1,000 GAC clients in 2020 cycle
  • 3.1 million individual contributions to GAC clients in the 2020 cycle
  • 70% of donor database linked to ActBlue express accounts – just one click away from donating
  • List targeting by 800+ variables

The Service

Unlimited Call Time: Verified high-dollar donor phone numbers and profiles sorted by ask amount, net worth, demographics, donor history, and more

Email Acquisition: Grow current email list by 5% (up to 5,000 emails) each month with low-dollar targets, subject to demonstrated deliverability and efficacy

Digital and Social Media: Consultation with digital team regarding online fundraising best practices; targeted curation of social media followers and digital audiences

Personalized Match Lists: Cleaned personal networks and rolodexes, matched to in-house, fleshed out donor profiles, and sorted by giving capacity

Fundraising Strategy: Thought partnership, most effective uses of GAC data, and establishment of winning fundraising goals from GAC campaign strategy team

Research projects: Email reactivation analysis, donor analysis, and other projects to find top resolicit donors within an existing donor base

Next Steps

To get started with Grassroots Premier, get in touch with a GAC representative today.