Fundraising Data. Strategy. Staffing.

Take the guesswork out of campaign fundraising with industry-leading, data-driven solutions guaranteed to increase your donor prospects and maximize your success in the call time room and beyond. 

Statistics and Results

  • Database of more than 20 million left-leaning donors
  • Trusted by 2,000+ campaigns from all 50 states
  • $44.3 million raised by ~700 GA clients in 2022 cycle
  • List targeting by 800+ variables

The Service

No frills here! Just the best data right at your fingertips: 

Unlimited Call Time: Verified high-dollar donor phone numbers and profiles sorted by ask amount, net worth, demographics, donor history, and more.

Email Prospects: Grow current email list by 5% (up to 5,000 emails) each month with low-dollar targets, subject to demonstrated deliverability and efficacy.

Mobile Numbers: Up to 1,500 low-dollar mobile numbers each month for P2P texting.

Personalized Match Lists: Cleaned personal networks and rolodexes, matched to in-house, fleshed out donor profiles, and sorted by giving capacity.

Social Media: Public social profile account information for digital, targeted ads.

Case Studies


Next Steps

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