About Maze Pass

Our Progressive Collaboration Zone

Grassroots Analytics invites folks from around the country to join us in our Progressive Collaboration Zone at 806 7th St NW, Washington, DC 20001. Whether you're visiting the DC area or here to stay, we welcome anyone in campaigns, causes, or tech staff to work from our space.

Some examples of who can take advantage of Maze Pass:
  • Congressional candidates and staff are in town for networking and fundraising needing a home base during the day
  • DC residents working from home and looking for opportunities to socialize and co-work with others
  • Organizers in DC for marches and lobbying
  • Anyone in the progressive space! 

Additional perks of Maze Pass:

  • Unlimited nitro cold brew and coffee drinks
  • Snacks, lunch and learns and desk space
  • Use of meeting rooms, wellness room, and common spaces*
  • Network with others from around the country

If you are interested in joining and using Maze Pass, please apply by filling out our form.

*Please Note that we offer you a collaborative working space, if you require a room to be booked for you and your party, or if you have any questions, please get in touch with Morgan Kull at