Direct Fundraising Mail Services


Grassroots Analytics is proud to introduce STAMP: Start-To-Finish, Targeted, AI-Driven, Mail ProgramOur newest product, comprising data-driven fundraising mail services, includes two options:

1. Full service, start-to-finish direct fundraising mailing service, and

2. Address list rental service

Both services utilize predictive analytics and AI-driven mail donor confirmation to identify nationwide donors who give large donations by mail. STAMP is revolutionizing fundraising mail results by pairing GA's highly targeted database variables, such as geography, donor history, demographics, net worth, and more with confirmation of mail donation.

By sending mail to these targeted givers, we've seen that GA addresses perform with two times the average response rate and five times the revenue of other address sources. Full service results are coming in at 97% ROI in just three weeks.

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Full Service Fundraising Mail

The full service fundraising letter includes approved copywriting; union printing of a letter; and remittance of envelope, postage and delivery to USPS.

Address List Rental Service

The fundraising mail address rental includes the one time rental of a list of targeted mail givers, delivered directly to the printer of choice.