Grassroots Analytics


Serving candidates at the federal, statewide, and local levels



Statewide: Senate, Governor, Secretary of State

Grassroots Analytics provided our campaign, and our finance department, with an invaluable trove of data. Grassroots provides data by design, the limits of which are mostly ones own ability to make best use of such information. Fortunately, the Grassroots team is proactive and forward thinking about how your campaign can best leverage their technology. Like a great, disruptive company should, the team is constantly innovating, adding new ways to sculpt and slice your data for maximum specificity. With their support our campaign found new donors in creative places, while eliminating almost all of the research that would normally be needed.
— Connor Farrell, Finance Director, Abdul for Michigan
For our statewide race, the best use was emails — they were fantastic. For non-federal races, this is a great way to grow a list without list-swapping. Lower dollar names were also much better, since they were often not tapped by other campaigns. Your team was quick to respond and very helpful. Thanks for all that you do!
— Cynthia Sebian-Lander, Campaign Manager, DeJear for Iowa
Having Grassroots is like having a team of interns working on [donor research], except you get more prospects, more quickly. Grassroots identified good prospects and provided us with useful donor research.
— Naomi Miller, Finance Director, Molly Kelly for Governor
With Grassroots’ technology, we were able to consistently raise money using lists. [It’s] hard to approximate an exact number, but the service almost always paid for itself in addition to filling holes in call time schedule. It’s a great way to supplement a campaign that might not have the capacity to hire a full finance team, and a relatively easy way to raise money if you have a candidate who isn’t shy about making phone calls.
— Levi Kamolnick, Finance Director, Nelson Araujo for Secretary of State

House of Representatives

Before using the service, we did a lot of the work Grassroots does by hand, which is very time consuming. They took a lot of the work out for us. Grassroots Analytics has proven to be very helpful with providing a steady supply of new calls for our fundraising operation. They are quite flexible with your needs, and are happy to send over tailored lists, email lists, or anything else. Highly recommend!
— Noah Krawitz, Deputy Finance Director, Cindy Axne for Congress
Before using Grassroots, we had a group of interns who primarily compiled donor research; Grassroots proved more efficient. They were able to expand our invite list for fundraisers as well as increase our call time production. If you’re on the fence about using the service, you should know that the database has more purpose than just call time.
— Jennifer Resnick, Finance Director, Lucy McBath for Congress - Georgia 6th
Grassroots Analytics allowed us to drastically increase the efficiency of our call time program. With unlimited prospects just an email away, we were able to make upwards of 400 calls per day, which in turn increased what were able to raise on weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis. Grassroots simply increases the efficacy of any call time program. More call time can be added to a campaign’s calendar, which leads to more money.
— Paige Colston, Finance Director, Kendra Horn for Congress
Prior to using Grassroots, I had several finance assistants and interns working on donor research. I was constantly looking for new interns to bring on just to keep up with it. Grassroots’ technology completely changed that. I could target donors in a more smart and specific way. Targeting donors based on their backgrounds or occupation would be a nearly impossible task for an assistant, but could be quickly done with Grassroots. Since I was able to fully rely on the service for donor targeting, finance assistants were able to focus on other tasks. It was also helpful when we traveled for events because we could target donors in those areas.
— Allie Watters, Finance Director, Joe Cunningham for Congress
GA had a very quick turnaround period for generating lists. It helped us preserve staff time by doing so much of our research for us. We also had much more productive lists of targets that ended up giving more than most of our average cold calls. It definitely exceeded our expectations!
— Hannah Nayowith, Deputy Finance Director, Katie Hill for Congress
We had a team of interns and staff prospecting all donors before we hired Grassroots Analytics. The scale to which we were able to produce call sheets for [MJ Hegar] increased as our list of appropriate prospects for the candidate increased exponentially, saving time and resources for other important finance tasks.
We were not the DCCC-endorsed candidate in the primary so we did not have any access to lists of donors or any other connections. Grassroots Analytics was able to provide this and help us build relations with contributors that we might not have otherwise been able to build. This allowed us to build enough infrastructure to defeat our primary opponent who had the establishment support.
— Dave Pantos, Finance Director, Kara Eastman for Congress
Prior to using Grassroots’ services, all of our donor research was in-house and intern-based. Grassroots allowed me to reapply intern labor to calls, other money-making activities, and more specific, localized research.
— Clark Conlisk, Finance Director, Cort VanOstran for Congress
We worked with local donors prior to working with Grassroots. GA vastly improved our donor research and the results exceeded our expectations. GA can be a lifesaver. A very responsive, customer-oriented team. Customized reports, fast and friendly service.
— David Brill, Candidate, Brill for Congress
We increased our call volume by thousands of new calls and saw an average of about $10k a week in contributions. We would recommend Grassroots to any candidate that wants to increase call volume and add numerous new donors to your donor base.
— Chris Hoffman, Finance Director, Beau for Congress
The Grassroots team was incredibly gracious and immensely competent. They are obviously dedicated to the underlying mission, of which fundraising is an essential part, to get Democrats elected so that we can have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.
— Lee Auman, Candidate, Lee Auman for Congress
The results on high-dollar email solicitation were excellent. It freed up staff time to do more calls instead of spending the vast majority of time doing donor research. [The service] more than paid for itself several times over with high-dollar emails.
— Tony Coppola, Campaign Manager, DiNicola for Congress

Local: Mayor, Ballot Initiatives, State House and Senate

The service is excellent, for sure. I found the GA team to be super excellent to work with, creating tailored lists and helping with the creative process to find likely donors. This is good for folks who are in need of volumes of numbers to dial. The service is inexpensive to start and the people are extremely helpful and professional.
— Jon Rosenthal, Candidate, Jon Rosenthal for Texas
The results were better than we anticipated. Before using their service, we handled donor targeting and research simply by using list collection on social media and our own universes. I would recommend Grassroots to someone on the fence about using the service.
— Jonathan Kramer, Campaign Manager, Walkington for Wisconsin
One of the places I can see [Grassroots] having great potential would be for new candidates who have not had the chance to develop their own call lists and are looking for some help in that area. That was a real challenge for me when I started, because I had moved away from my circle of friends and potential donors, so I struggled at the beginning. Having this as a resource would have been extremely helpful.
— Marcia Morgan, Candidate, Elect Marcia Morgan NC House District 19