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Staffer Spotlight: Claire Cilien

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Press Release

Democratic tech firm Grassroots Analytics brings modern recruiting practices to campaign spaceWASHINGTON, April 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Grassroots Analytics today announced a pilot program to promote equality and equity in the campaign staffing space. In line with their mission of providing...

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Rising Star: Gabby Giotto

While sitting in Happy Valley, PA, Gabby Giotto got the call that would alter her future in politics forever. When asked if she would volunteer for Hillary’s campaign, Gabby jumped at the opportunity. This led to serving as a fellow for Hillary at Penn State, and ultimately becoming the staging...

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Rising Star: Briale Harris

"I want to build the next generation of Georgia fundraisers, especially women, Black women, and people of color. Women who are running want women on their team. Women need to be a part of this movement. One day, when Jon Ossoff's baby girl decides to run for Senate, she'll have kick-ass women to...

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Rising Star: Devon Murphy-Anderson

Everyone has a story. Devon Murphy-Anderson’s is one of the most interesting we’ve heard in a while. Originally from Brunswick, Maine, Devon grew up on the water. With a lobsterman for a father, she was raised in a blue-collar town with a love for her country and a strong belief in the American...

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Meet our Spring Interns!

It's a new season, which means... new interns! We are thrilled to welcome six new faces, all from different backgrounds, regions of the country, and general walks of life.  Read on for a brief summary on each of our spring data analysts.

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Rising Star: Andrea Cervone

Some people know they want to be involved in campaigns from the onset; others find themselves in the campaign world in a less traditional way. Andrea Cervone falls into the latter category. While seeking a career in journalism, Andrea’s partner, Ted Terry, was working as finance director for John...

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Rising Star: Rio Diaz

When Trump was elected, everything changed. Like so many others, Rio Diaz wanted to get as involved as possible. He interned with the National Democratic Training Committee, which jump-started his involvement; he would go on to intern for Kim Walz, be part of the Obama Foundation's Community...

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Rising Star: Madison Scalf

Madison Scalf discovered her love of campaigns in 2018. She grew up in a VA-01, an R+8 district, which led her to want to be a change maker. Madison wanted to find a way to work toward progress, so she started locally, working first as an organizer with Vangie Williams (2018) and followed shortly...

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GAC Internship In Review: Fall 2021

The Fall 2021 Internship class got off to a strong start while I was on vacation. Our Operations team, led by the fabulous Emily McFadyen and the serviceable Ryan Dunn, ensured that the first week of orientation went smoothly. This included a full week of STATA trainings, mentor matching, staff...

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