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Empowering Youth Voices- Up Next NY's Impact on Local Politics

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GA Product Highlight: Direct Mail

Direct mail fundraising is a resurgent tool in political fundraising and nonprofit development. While digital fundraising has seen exciting investments, donors are now saturated with text and email appeals. Comparatively, direct mail is being underutilized.As a result, mail fundraising can break...

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Employee Spotlight: David Davies

David Davies, GA’s Mobile Fundraising Manager is known around the office for his love of the Florida Panthers, the Star Wars franchise, and at happy hours — a delightful gin & tonic. 

I had the pleasure of sitting down with David right before the start of Pride Month and I started by asking what...

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Staffer Spotlight: Andrew Bernucca

It’s important to note that this interview took place before the 76ers lost to the Celtics in this year’s NBA postseason because when we started the interview, Andrew discussed his love for the 76ers by joking, “The Sixers pretty much determine my happiness for most of my adult life…meaning I...

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Spring Intern Spotlight

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Staffer Spotlight: Joey Mamlin

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Staffer Spotlight: Claire Cilien

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Press Release

Democratic tech firm Grassroots Analytics brings modern recruiting practices to campaign spaceWASHINGTON,April 26, 2022/PRNewswire/ -- Grassroots Analytics today announced a pilot program to promote equality and equity in the campaign staffing space. In line with their mission of providing...

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Rising Star: Gabby Giotto

While sitting in Happy Valley, PA, Gabby Giotto got the call that would alter her future in politics forever. When asked if she would volunteer for Hillary’s campaign, Gabby jumped at the opportunity. This led to serving as a fellow for Hillary at Penn State, and ultimately becoming the staging...

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Rising Star: Briale Harris

"I want to build the next generation of Georgia fundraisers, especially women, Black women, and people of color. Women who are running want women on their team. Women need to be a part of this movement. One day, when Jon Ossoff's baby girl decides to run for Senate, she'll have kick-ass women to...

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Grassroots Analytics Moves Into Dedicated Space in DC’s Chinatown
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50 Most Transparent Companies 2023
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The First Gen Z Congressman Believes he Can Change Washington 
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Gen Z Candidates Raising Funds for 2022 Midterm Campaigns are Defying Expectations 
Rachel Janfaza. Teen Vogue.  November 1st, 2022.

Democratic tech firm Grassroots Analytics brings modern recruiting practices to campaign space
Grassroots Analytics. PRNewswire.  April 26, 2022.

How one data company grew from one to 70 seats in WeWork
Dawn Panadrea.
WeWork. February 25, 2022.

Finance Staffers Have Never Been More Important or Harder to Find
Sean J. Miller. Campaigns & Elections. January 7, 2022.

Consultants and Firms Are Looking to Innovate When It Comes to Recruiting New Talent
Sean J. Miller. Campaigns & Elections. December 8, 2021.

Born on the campaign trail, Grassroots Analytics is growing its donor database tech, and its team
Michaela Althouse. December 6, 2021.

Cold Calling Tips for Artists from a Political Fundraising Professional
Nina Berman. Fractured Atlas. September 20, 2021.

Hot Redistricting Autumn
Stephanie Murray. POLITICO. September 7, 2021.

Rachel Cohen. The Intercept. January 23, 2019.