Full Service Clients

Grassroots Analytics Campaigns was built with the intention of breaking down barriers to entry for all candidates, no matter their background, net worth, or political history. Down-Ballot Raise is a full-service toolkit for all candidates that aren't at the top of the ticket. Grassroots Premier is designed to help top tier campaigns improve call time with unlimited high-dollar phone numbers; improve email acquisition at an affordable rate; and find re-solicits within an existing donor base.


Acquisition Services

GAC's acquisition services run the gamut, ranging from email acquisition and direct mail fundraising, to peer-to-peer texting list rentals and mobile re-solicits. Check out the services that have helped clients like the DCCC, 314 Action, and more raise millions.

Direct Mail Services

STAMP: Start-To-Finish, Targeted, AI-Driven, Mail Program is GA's direct mail product that comprises data-driven fundraising mail services.

These services utilize predictive analytics and AI-driven mail donor confirmation to identify nationwide donors who give large donations by mail. STAMP is revolutionizing fundraising mail results by pairing GA's highly targeted database variables, such as geography, donor history, demographics, net worth, and more with confirmation of mail donation.

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GA Media

Utilizing client relationships and creative resources alike, GA has created GA Media, an offshoot venture focusing on campaign videos and imagery.  With GA Media, candidates captivate their audience and showcase their story, driving both eyeballs and new donors to the campaign. 

Historically, videos have made an immediate ROI of up to 250%. GA Media charges a low, flat fee that covers all travel, planning, shoot, editing, and social media push. Learn more about how you can revolutionize your campaign's creative approach here.

GA Talent

In line with our mission to provide innovative data solutions to forward thinking voices, we’ve launched GA Talent – a department that solely focuses on enhancing campaign talent and providing access to opportunities. 

With services ranging from job placements and job postings, to progressive networking events and campaign simulation experiences, GA Talent is taking progressive recruiting to the next level.

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Nexus Pass

Grassroots Analytics invites progressives from around the country to join us in our Progressive Collaboration Zone at 700 K Street NW. Whether you're visiting the DC area or here to stay, we welcome anyone in campaigns, causes, or tech to work from our space.

We sponsor this zone so that progressives can come together, work in the same space, and collaborate, network, and innovate for likeminded causes. Apply for a Nexus Pass (and unlimited cold brew) today!


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