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Data for breaking the status quo

The Problem: 

Running for office has historically favored the wealthy and well-connected, creating institutional obstacles to political fundraising.

The Solution:

Grassroots Analytics (GA) Campaigns breaks down these barriers by building affordable tools, expertise, and hyper-targeted data for campaigns at all levels. Our experts compile the best prospecting and supporter data to ensure your organization connects with the right audience for your cause.

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With GA Campaigns, we leverage data-driven insights and strategies for impactful grassroots campaigns, connecting them with donors and driving positive change.



Fundraising Premier

Our ultimate package, featuring hyper-targeted call time, email, and mobile prospects and a dedicated relationship with our expert team for tailored best practices and strategies.

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Fundraising Premier

Seamlessly incorporate GA data into your personal rolodex, with updated contact information, donation history, and wealth screens.

Get ahead of P2P texting

with curated low-dollar

mobile lists

Build your digital program

with expert guidance

Unlimited call time lists

with top prospects

Call Time Lists
Email Lists
Low Dollar Mobile Lists
Data Match Lists
Fundraising Strategy

Determine your optimal fundraising targets, funding sources, and set achievable goals with our in-house experts.


Learn email copy best practices and get feedback on digital, website, and call time scripts.

Copy Analysis
Staff and
Candidate Training

Personalized trainings and best practices, from Finance 101 to making the hard ask.

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Call Time+

Unlock the power of over 800 industry-leading variables and millions of data points to pinpoint your best audience. Get specialized call time prospects for your campaign that drives results.

Call Time+ Services

Call Time Lists

Unlimited hyper-targeted call time lists for your campaign. 

Data Match Lists

Updated records of your personal contacts with donation history, ask amounts, and top issue tags.

Fundraising Strategy

Learn the best practices for call time and how to set achievable fundraising goals from our team of in-house experts.

Direct Mail

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Start-to-finish, Targeted, AI-driven, Mail Program 

Our award-winning, full-service mail program will identify your best mail donor prospects, develop attention-grabbing envelope design and persuasive fundraising copy, and coordinate with union print shops to deliver your mail on time at competitive costs.

Address List Rental

A one-time list rental of your targeted mail donor prospects, based on GA's industry-leading mail donor data and other giving criteria selected from millions of data points, sent directly to your print shop.

Mobile Fundraising Services


Peer-to-peer (P2P) List Rental:

The premiere source for SMS/MMS donor acquisition. Our list rental service is a start-to-finish service where we identify the best donor prospects, write or use high-quality copy, and send a texting campaign on behalf of the client. The client acquires funds raised and new donors to opt-in to broadcast and other digital programs.


The best way to solicit and re-engage existing supporters. GA verifies the mobile numbers of your existing contacts, writes or uses high-quality copy, and reengages your donors!

Email Services

Email Acquisition: Targeted, proven donors with a verified email address and activity data.


Re-activation: Reconnect with lost donors! Send us your inactive list and we will identify the donors who can be

re-engaged along with up-to-date contact emails.

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Call Time + More

Call Time Acquisition:

Don’t need a monthly package? Get the top major donor prospects who align with your campaign on a cost-per-name basis.

Wealth Screening List:

Find hidden gems in your lists. Leverage a donor’s past giving history to identify potential opportunities for a higher donation.

Want to see the impact we’ve made on our clients? 

Check out our case studies:


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