Venture Fund

For internal or external ventures in the progressive consumer space

Grassroots Analytics Venture Fund is on the lookout for ideas that monetize or add value to GA's industry-leading progressive consumer database. This is a $500,000 fund for internal or external ventures.

Some example ventures include:

1.  Same Industry + New Brand — Grassroots Analytics Nonprofits markets GA's progressive consumer data in a new industry

2.  New Industry + Same Brand — Grassroots Analytics Campaigns builds a new campaign data tool under a unique name

3.  New Industry + New Brand — Grassroots Analytics creates a solar panel marketing company called Solar Leads



How GA Venture Fund Works

Step 1:   Apply on the below form
Step 2:   Pitch the Venture Fund Advisory Board
Step 3:   GAVF provides seed funding, access to GA progressive consumer data, and a Task Force of GA employees to help you test proof of concept
Step 4:   Pitch GAVF for future funding
Step 5:   Second round of funding and spinning business out as a GA portfolio company

Apply for Funding

Advisory Board

Danny Hogenkamp

Managing Director

Roniesha Tinling

Investment Director

Claudia Shrivastava

Chief Financial Officer

Clark Henderson

Mobile Fundraising Associate

Jessie Koch

Fundraising Strategist

Josh Lewis


Roniesha Tinling

Investment Director

Henry Carroll

Investment Analyst

Kiara Madar

Fundraising Strategist

Mayra Alejandra Rodriguez

Digital Associate

Meghan McAnespie

Digital Lab Director and Chief Innovation Officer

Morgan Kull

Director of Marketing and Communications

Zach Krasner

Chief Technology Officer
"Anyone can think of a fortune without actually having to go out and make one." — Gus McCrae