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  • Meghna Shetty

GA Product Highlight: Direct Mai

Direct mail fundraising is a resurgent tool in political fundraising and nonprofit development. While digital fundraising has seen exciting investments, donors are now saturated with text and email appeals. Comparatively, direct mail is being underutilized. As a result, mail fundraising can break through the noise and reach those untouched or removed from digital solicitations. It offers an excellent return on investment and other benefits beyond raising money. Let's dive into why mail fundraising deserves a front row seat in your fundraising strategy:

1. Target Like a Pro

Don’t just send a letter to everyone in your system with an address. No expert in digital fundraising would tell you to email every person with an email address on your list or text every person with a cell phone. Targeting is key in all fundraising and the same applies to mail. Bad targeting will burn out your list, hurt your brand, and cost much more than it raises. When it comes to targeting, fundraising by mail is no different than through any other tool. Decide the very best factors when creating your mail universe, such as:

    • Do they have a history of giving by mail?

    • Do they give by writing checks instead of online?

    • If you’re doing an acquisition mailer, would these people care about my issue or campaign?

Don’t have this information? GA’s leading progressive database and expert staff ensure you’re reaching the target audience to connect with your cause.

2. Test, Test, Test

That’s right, fundraisers! It is not only possible to conduct variable tests on your mail pieces, such as A/B message testing, testing donor segments, and testing the efficacy of graphics, but today, it’s more affordable than ever. Leaning into the best performing content can boost returns even more. At GA, we are proud to partner with many different print shops to ensure you’re getting the best price and the best product for your cause. With our union print partners, you can feel great about the mail you’re sending out, every time!

3. Track and Analyze

One of the most common mistakes people make when sending fundraising mail is they stop thinking about it as soon as it gets to the post office. How can you analyze how effective something was or how to improve it if you don’t keep track of the results? With data-driven fundraising mail, you can and should keep track of returns. You can know the exact results and make better decisions when planning your next fundraising mailer. That’s what we specialize in at GA. Another benefit of mail fundraising that is often missed is a sender’s ability to track results from checks AND from online contributions. Other fundraising tools can’t track donations by check in the same way a good mail campaign can.

💡 Pro Tip:

Print your return envelopes with special markings, so that when you start receiving checks in the mail you can keep track of which mailer the person is giving to. You can also put special QR codes on your fundraising letters that send donors to a specific page. That way any online donations from the mailer can be tracked as well!

Follow these three rules and you’re certain to improve engagement and ROI on your fundraising mail campaigns.

STAMP by Grassroots Analytics was created to innovate in the direct mail fundraising space and help campaigns and organizations get more out of mail.

We are the data experts and will work to make sure your mail is being maximized for success.

Ready to take your mail to the next level? ⤵️

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